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The network to boost your business and your mind set

Your network is your networth

Tim Ferriss

your community  

I am delighted to announce the creationof a new network of solopreneurs in Brussels, an exciting project designed to helpindependent contractorsto develop their professional network.

With this new offer, I want to offer you a young, dynamic and caring community where solopreneurs can connect, exchange ideas and support each other in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Daily in contact with freelancers, freelancers and entrepreneurs, I measure the extent of eachchallenges you face and I want to provide you with concrete tools to face this reality by creatinglasting alliances within our community.

Join us and discover a space where you can expandyour network, find business partners and create valuable links for your business in Brussels.


Together, we can advance our projects and reach new heights!


Ready to transform your entrepreneurial adventures in Brussels?

Join our network custom designed for ambitious solopreneurs like you! Being part of our community will give you access tomany advantages to boost your business. Every month we organize several events to enrich your knowledge and your address book. Membership also gives you access to our private group on Linkedin and has a provider and expert directory for all your business questions. And because we believe in the magic of coworking, a coworking day is offered to you per month to work side by side on our projects. 


Our Brussels network is much more than a community,it is a place of professional growth, fruitful connections and exclusive resources 

Events every month for:

More than events

In addition to events to meet, we offer you tools and opportunities to grow your business. 

✔︎ By joining a relaxed, friendly community where we can exchange ideas, challenge each other and share our experiences.

✔︎ By meeting passionate. Brussels freelancers 

✔︎  By increasing the visibility for your business and maybe even by winning new customers.

✔︎ By accessing our phone book service providers and experts 

✔︎  By joining our private group on Linkedin to stay in touch 

✔︎ Enjoying a coworking day per month worth €27.50 or 10% on our coworking passes.

✔︎ You are independent, freelance or entrepreneur and you feel the need to surround you and break with the loneliness of the entrepreneur. 

✔︎ You need to exchange ideas and get feedback to make important decisions for your business.

✔︎ You are looking for customers, partners, suppliers and gain visibility. 

✔︎  You want to train and develop your professional and personal skills to move your business forward. 

✔︎  You live in Brussels and if not, you aren't afraid to come to Brussels! 

Is this network for me?

If you recognize yourself in these lines, it means that this network is made for you! 

Our subscription plans


Upcoming Events

  • SPEEDSHOOTING 📸  21 juin  2024 par Cécile Belhomme
    SPEEDSHOOTING 📸  21 juin  2024 par Cécile Belhomme
    Fri, 21 Jun
    Nomad Community
    21 Jun 2024, 09:30 – 16:50 CEST
    Nomad Community, Rue Vanderschrick 5, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Belgique
    21 Jun 2024, 09:30 – 16:50 CEST
    Nomad Community, Rue Vanderschrick 5, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Belgique
    Tu as toujours rêvé de faire un shooting pro ou tu as tout simplement besoin de photos de qualité pour promouvoir ton activité mais tu manques un peu de temps? Nous avons la solution ! Cécile Belhomme te propose un Speed Shooting le 21 juin au Nomad Community.

A question? Contact us!


Merci pour votre envoi !

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